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With the mash-up concept being used in a lot of areas like songs and videos and even websites like and making a livelihood out of it, a google devotee would say, “Hah! I am sure the dudes at googleplex figured the web-based mash-up concept out first before ’em spotfly or eyespop or whatever…*hic*” I don’t know who beat who here but if google lets out searchmash, its certainly going to bring an interesting flavour to search engine technology. Yes, a mash-up of search results… thats what it is! That means for every keyword search, you get video, images, wikipedia and blog-based results- all in the same page along with the standard google result page. Some ajax features also thrown in make the overall search experience user-friendly.searchmash

Read more about it here.

But this isn’t the only of its kind. There is, amazon’s remix-search but with a zazzier look and a lot (really lots!) of alternate search engine plugins/modules to choose from, most of which give you targeted or topical search results. For instance, if you want to surf the japanese blogosphere, you can add plugin to your search. But its running on Windoze’s Live Search engine, so..umm…just check it out for the looks.


And talking about looks…heres miss dewey doing some of the searching for you (alas! its the Live Search here again). She does a lot of thinking though to give you the search results. And if you’re sitting idle, she’ll knock on the monitor to get your attention, as if saying, “Hey! don’t just sit there! Search me!!”. That kind of reminds me of the animated paper-clip help assistant in Office that would do the knocking thingy. So, check her out if you are not looking for something serious *grin*

…then you must give Craig Chaquico a shot. Most of the guitar instrumentals that i have heard have a Spanish music feel to them (Jesse Cook anyone?) but Chaquico’s guitar creates an ambience that sort of fills you up with music; like as if you want to sway to some light cool breeze…aah!! feels good 😀

His music has a zingy…umm…twangy (for lack of a better word) feel to it with the acoustic guitars playing heavily on sustain and fill effects creating the pervasive ambience i was talking about. If you are a classic or heavy rock listener, you won’t miss the jazz rock influence. In fact, if his tracks were played on distortion guitar, they would sound pretty much like Joe Satriani’s (i tried by playing “Mountain in The Mist” on distortion). But then Chaquico was a rock guitarist. Who hasn’t heard “We built this city on rock ‘n’roll” by Starship. Also if you are a lounge music listener, i would recommend his albums anyday. Check out the album “Acoustic Highway” for a start and yeah! don’t forget to have that beer in your hand while you do!

I have also taken a very strong liking to John Petrucci.

john petrucci

Mighty talented dude he is, really! I am not a shredder and i usually play David Gilmour kind of solos on my Fender; so when i hear these metal guitarists firing screaming salvos of solos at breakneck speed (and sometimes confounding accuracy), the soloing-spirit in me kind of gets bogged down. But Petrucci sorta bridges the gap between the slow, bluesie soloists and the crazy, shred-till-fingers-bleed metal guitarists. I mean you can play his songs for your high-on-Britney-pop girlfriend and trust me, she’ll love it. Listen to “State of Grace” by Liquid Tension Experiment (one of Petrucci’s side projects) and learn how to play it!

I practised day and night the intoxicating riffs of “Glasgow Kiss“. This awwww….esome song is divided into three sections and i have finished with the first part. Two more grueling sections and i’ll probably post a video of myself playing this superb piece of music.

Anyways, moving away from rock, theres the girls from the classical quartet Bond. I just had a look at this video (good high def stuff these video sites are serving up these days) and kinda liked them…their number i mean 😉

“Explosive” – Bond

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Its always a challenge to start the first line of a novel, an article or any piece of writing. Its no different with a blog either. And especially if you are not much of a writer 😐
Its not that i don’t have things to write about; its just a question of where do i start and how should this blog be themed?

I think i will include, keeping true to the blog title, random stuff that comes to my head. But primarily, i’ll write more on things like playing the guitar, music, web/internet, art, gaming and linux ( oh boy!! another linux blog amongst the 100 million linux blogs out there? Ya, well, i’ll make this different; you will see how *wink* )

So there it is my first post 😀

*phew* Now i can go and grab myself that beer!